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[OH-Publicity] Talks for SCALE

Deb Nicholson deb at
Tue Dec 4 23:11:20 UTC 2012

> Are any of you submitting talks to SCALE, the Southern California Linux
> Expo? It's February 22-24, 2013 near the LAX airport.

I've already submitted one talk on Tech and Dystopia (possible
keynote?) and one on Delegation. I will probably submit a third talk
on "software patent aggregators" and may lead a workshop with Jake
Edge on messaging/talking to the press.

> Deb Nicholson says this is one of her favorite conferences, as I recall, so
> that's a pretty positive review! I myself went in 2011, and was amazed at
> how many attendees they draw. I did feel like some of the conference talks
> that I saw could have been better-organized and more well-prepared, so I
> think that OpenHatch people could compete very well for talk slots.

Agreed! Submit your talks for SCALE! I'm hoping to be in LA a day or
two early for dollar taco nights and/or the Kobe taco truck.
You can join me if you like!

> I'm also happy to offer to any of y'all to propose and a talk and I'll be
> happy to review the abstract, or the full outline, or help you with
> preparing the talk itself. The other thing I noticed was that it was more
> enthusiasts and sysadmins than programmers, which I found an interesting
> contrast to (e.g.) Debconf and PyCon, which are my two major reference
> points.
> indicates that the deadline is 10
> December, so we all have a bit of time.
> For OpenHatch fame benefits, I thought I'd submit a slightly rephrased
> version of my talk proposal there, which is about quantitative
> community management, which really means I summarize a bunch of surveys that
> have gone out.
> is a link to my proposal as it stands now.
> (I also submitted a different, more technical talk:
> )
> Curious if any of you are interested in going!
> Oh -- the other thing I did with Deb in 2011 was hand out flyers about
> OpenHatch, and I got to chat with a user of the site and get some feedback
> from her. So that was pretty fun! Oh, and I met Mark Holmquist there! (-:
> -- Asheesh.
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