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[OH-Publicity] Talks for SCALE

Mark Holmquist mtraceur at
Tue Dec 4 23:18:48 UTC 2012

> Oh -- the other thing I did with Deb in 2011 was hand out flyers about
> OpenHatch, and I got to chat with a user of the site and get some
> feedback from her. So that was pretty fun! Oh, and I met Mark Holmquist
> there! (-:

And I intend to go as well, this year! It will be barrels of fun, 
hopefully I'll give a bunch of cool-seeming talks that will turn out to 
not be disasters, and we'll all have a great time. FWIW I've submitted 3 
talks in a programming-type vein, so it should be better on that front 
this year :)

My proposed talks, which may or may not happen:

* Making Game Content with Lua - A talk about minetest modding, which is 
a great way to *start* programming, because you get to make cool stuff 
with an easy language

* Etherpad Lite Plugins for Great Justice - A talk about how to plug in 
to Etherpad Lite's API, parts of which I helped write and most of which 
I helped document. Should be a fun time! I'll gently introduce 
JavaScript (well, as gently as I can do with that source material), and 
talk about some of the cool stuff you can do.

* Lua Scripting with MediaWiki - Another Lua talk, but this one's a bit 
closer to home. Wikimedia has written a replacement engine for complex 
templates, and it's coming. In some wikis, it's already active! This 
will be another gentle introduction to programming in general, as well 
as the specific topic at hand.

* Free Gaming on GNU/Linux - This one is more user-oriented, but still 
important! I'm doing this in my capacity as a member of the LibrePlanet 
Gaming Collective.

Mark Holmquist
Software Engineer, Wikimedia Foundation
mtraceur at
* Sent from Ubuntu GNU/Linux *

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