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[OH-Publicity] BPW4 wrap-up: Publicity for the Boston Python Workshop

Deborah Nicholson deb at
Tue Oct 11 18:10:46 UTC 2011

Hi all,
I like both the idea of doing more press and solidifying the name for
outreach purposes.

I think pithiness in the name should be our top criteria. If we hope
to do python workshops for other audiences, then we should leave the
reference to women out. Maybe the website would copiously use the
subtitle: Home of the Boston Python Workshops for Women and their

Some ideas:
Python is Power! (Like knowledge is power? We could even be PIP for
short which is fun.)
Learning Python
Python Apprentice
Introducing Python
Programmers Encouraging Python (PEP, right?)
Friends of Python
Python Progress!

That's what I've got for now,

On 8 October 2011 10:25, Jessica McKellar <jessica.mckellar at> wrote:
> Here are the publicity-related notes from the BPW4 staff wrap-up:
> - publicity
>        - do all the publicity
>        - write a press release
>        - a website is probably a prerequisite [Asheesh]
>        - goal: 3 articles by the end of the month
> Ladies Learning Code is really good at publicity:
> -
> -!/llcodedotcom
> Also: we need a name, if we are going to have a website explaining the
> workshop and packaging the material for others to be able to use it.
> What should that name be?
> Here are some example names, some more serious than others:
> The Python Workshop
> The OpenHatch Python Workshop
> The Fully-Integrated Community-Growth-Oriented Python Workshop
> The Python Workshop for Women and their Friends
> Names of related outreach events, for comparison:
> PyLadies
> PyStar
> Ladies Learning Code
> RailsBridge
> One question I have is if we want a reference to women in the name.
> Doing so precludes us from having something like a "workshop for
> scientists" under the name.
> -Jessica
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