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[OH-Dev] Meeting Minutes from the 2015-06-25 OH Discussion at Open Source Bridge

Guido Stein guido at
Thu Jul 9 17:05:07 UTC 2015

Hi all,

Just to make sure I am reading this correctly, is OpenHatch for students
only and only focused on on campus events?

I ask because as a non-student who attended one of the on campus events I
found it really useful to learn more about the open source community and
would like to continue pointing my friends and colleagues to your
resources, but if they are not students??

Thanks for your time,


On Thu, Jul 9, 2015 at 12:17 PM Philip James <pjj at>

> There was an impromptu discussion about OpenHatch and it's future at Open
> Source Bridge in Portland two weeks ago. These are the minutes from that
> meeting, with annotations of speaker wherever possible. These minutes are
> not exact, but I hope I've captured the sentiment. Feel free to make
> corrections.
> Attendees: Asheesh Laroia (AL), Elana Hashman (EH), Philip James (PJ),
> Cathy Theys (CT), Bradley Kuhn (BK)
> Notes:
>    - The main OH website should basically be replaced with the content of
> (AL)
>    - Projects and profiles on OH-Mainline should be deprecated and
>    removed, they're probably more trouble than they're worth (EH)
>       - We should measure how much they're actually being used
>    - We should replace the missions in OH-Mainline with coursera or edx
>    content that is curated/created by OH members
>    - It might be worth spinning off (or something like
>    that) to replace the IRC mission - general usefulness to the internet at
>    large
>    - When people fund OH, they're mostly funding the campus events - BK
>    - Search has high SEO and engagement, and should be fixed rather than
>    abandoned (EH)
>    - The wiki is a mess, should be better (EH)
>       - AL agrees
>       - EH suggests moving some of the wiki content into "main" content
>       (better formatting, easier discoverability?)
>       - AL: we should be promoting certain pieces of content better
>    - Going forward, no new features on OH-Mainline, but we should
>    certainly fix bugs
>    - AL needs to train others on deployment!
>       - moving to Heroku?
>       - Rackspace might donate a lot of hosting - BK
> Reading over these notes, I'm betting there's the potential for a lot of
> discussion about them. I think it's worth noting that nothing on this list
> has been enacted, and for the moment (I think) these are strong suggestions
> instead of hard commandments.
> Thanks,
> Philip
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