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[OH-Dev] Brainstorming on Enhancements to OH Home Page

Carol Willing willingc at
Sun Jan 26 23:37:08 UTC 2014

During the Sunday office hours on IRC, Britta, Asheesh, Susan, and I did 
some brainstorming about the OpenHatch home page.

Earlier in January, Britta emailed the group about linking to important 
items (such as the wonderful "In-Person Event Guide") and adding more 
social media (like twitter) to the home page. Our brainstorming used 
Britta's initial mockup of a modified home page as a starting point, and 
we exchanged ideas and iterated mockups for a couple of hours.

For those that are interested, here's a link to a dropbox folder which 
contains brainstorming notes, Britta's emails to OH-Dev, the etherpad 
brainstorming contents, and a Google Analytics flow diagram:

Of course, the IRC logs will have the more details.

Britta will be sending a mockup to this list as a step in creating a 
development plan to highlight all the great work that is being done 
within OpenHatch and enable visitors to find information easily. Please 
share any thoughts or comments.


Carol Willing
Willing Consulting

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