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[Campus-princeton-staff] Training meeting this Friday + info

Katherine Ye kye at
Thu Nov 7 06:05:51 UTC 2013

Thanks for the detailed reply, Shauna. I've sent out the date and time in a
few other emails. Do you guys have any revisions for the mentorship form?
I'll be using it starting tomorrow night.


On Wed, Nov 6, 2013 at 12:35 PM, Shauna Gordon-McKeon <shaunagm at>wrote:

>> The workshop is tentatively scheduled for 10/23. There's also
>> TEDxPrinceton run by the Princeton Social Entrepreneurship Initiative on
>> that day, so I was thinking of moving it dt Sunday 10/24. But then fewer
>> people may be able to make it. What do you guys think?
> I don't think you'll have significantly poorer turn out for a Sunday than
> a Saturday - that hasn't been our experience, anyway, although you know
> your campus better than us.
>>  I think 9:30 am to 5 pm is a bit too long / early, especially if
>> mentors are traveling from NYC, so I was thinking 10 am (or 10:30 am) to 3
>> pm. Lunch at 12 pm works (earlier arrival is better). Shauna, what do you
>> think about the scheduling?
> Doing that will mean cutting out a large part of the schedule.  You could
> drop the History & Ethics section, or the career panel, and do a half hour
> of projects time instead of the full two hours.  That's a shortened
> schedule that will introduce tools and github, feed people, and give them a
> brief exposure to what contributing to actual projects is like.  I don't
> recommend it - we've found the majority of people are willing to stay for
> the whole event, and I think the whole thing is valuable - but it's up to
> you.
> I wouldn't worry about the timing with mentors traveling from NYC.  The
> early part of the day can be done without many mentors, so it's okay if
> they arrive late.
>> We have 57 people who've expressed interest in the workshop. Maybe 20 of
>> them will show up + some signup (15?) from our publicity emails to
>> listservs + hopefully 10 mentors, so we'll have to limit the capacity to
>> 40-50 or so, I think. I may be vastly under- or over-estimating. What rooms
>> were you and Valerie thinking of booking?
> You'll want to get a room booked ASAP as publicity is scheduled to start
> Friday and you'll want to have a room to advertise.  You can use the space
> checklist for guidance (
>  We find when we use strong "please confirm" language we get 50% attendance
> so if you get 60 sign ups, I'd expect 30 people.  30 people is totally
> reasonable for an event and you should feel fine picking a space that can
> only hold 40 and then capping sign ups.
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