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[Campus-princeton-staff] Training meeting this Friday + info

Katherine Ye kye at
Tue Nov 5 02:04:13 UTC 2013

Hi everyone,

We'll be holding a meeting *this Friday (11/8) from 2-4 PM*, location TBA
but probably Lewis Library. We'll be meeting with Shauna to decide who'll
present which part of the workshop schedule, then we'll all get trained to
use git and start learning the workshop curriculum. According to the
whenisgood, everyone should be able to make it. Bring your laptop and maybe
a power cable and headphones.

You can find the workshop schedule here (
and the meeting transcript with Shauna here (
Please read these before the meeting!

Evelyn and Annie, you guys will be working closely with Shauna to finalize
mentors and sponsors by 11/13, since these are vital prerequisites for the
event. Please get in touch with her ASAP and cc me and Lisha. Thanks!

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