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[Campus-princeton-staff] notes and action items from today's planning meeting

Katherine Ye kye at
Tue Nov 5 01:50:30 UTC 2013


* come up with timeline
* eventually finalize who presents which part of the workshop schedule

* work closely with Shauna, finalize mentors and sponsors by middle of next
week (11/15)!
  Can you guys get in touch with Shauna about this and cc me and Lisha?

Shauna, a remote career panel sounds great.


On Mon, Nov 4, 2013 at 3:19 PM, Shauna Gordon-McKeon <shaunagm at>wrote:

> Hi folks,
> Katherine and I had a productive planning meeting.  You can see the full
> log here:
> Here are the action items spawned from the meeting:
> * emails shauna and lisha to confirm/decide how we want to do career panel
> * finds student mentors willing to do git training and lead git mini
> projects
> * sends out schedule, need to assign people to various slots, esp. the git
> mini projects,  and/or find already-experienced students to join
> * think through how to best present open source tools lecture to Princeton
> organizers, research way to make an online recording
> * make & send mentor spreadsheet template (see notes to pre-fill leads
> section)
> * shauna and asheesh think through how Princeton can best to History &
> Ethics
> * send publicity & sponsorship email templates to mailing list
> * shauna and asheesh think through how Princeton can best to History &
> Ethics
> * takes mentor spreadsheet template and begins recruiting mentors
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