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[OH-Publicity] May blog posting good old days prediction

Asheesh Laroia asheesh at
Tue May 28 21:03:07 UTC 2013

Quoting Mike Linksvayer (2013-05-17 21:14:48)

> Could the good old days return this month? I doubt it, but here's what
> remains for
> * PyCon wrapup post(s) -- or decide not to do them
> * Web app code changes post -- or skip for month
> * Links to OSCON and Open Source Bridge talks by OH people -- please
> add directly to the pad
> * Image for top -- placeholder has already been used in a blog post --
> please add directly to the pad
> * Get involved action item for the month, what?
> Prove me wrong! :)

Not quite the good old days, but better than May 31. I updated that post; you want to
review and ship it, if you like it?

-- Asheesh.

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