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[OH-Publicity] UIUC photos (and photo style guide for blog)

Asheesh Laroia asheesh at
Tue Oct 23 16:38:38 UTC 2012

Hey all,

I'm working with Shauna on a blog post about the UIUC 

For Shauna, and all: A selection of good photos from the UIUC event are 

One of the attendees took some other photos, but I don't think we've 
gotten a copy of them yet.

As a note for history, when preparing images for the blog, I generally:

* Scale the image to be 576 pixels wide (at the most, but usually one 
wants to go with the largest possible) while retaining the aspect ratio.

* I aim for a ~90KB JPEG max size, and I use Gimp to rescale the image. 
You can check a box when doing the export to JPEG to preview the quality, 
and then adjust the quality slider to get the size and nice-looking-ness 
that one wants.

* I don't link the image to anything. WordPress likes making images link 
to things, but I think it just makes for a really big link target that 
takes the user outside of the blog post and that's not what we want.

* For image credits, I presume that if I took the image for OpenHatch 
while at an OpenHatch event, it's (C) OpenHatch, and then I don't give 
credit really at all. (Upon reflection, it now seems to me that we should 
always credit images, even if they're (C) OpenHatch, so that life is 
simpler for people who want to reuse the images.) If it's someone else's 
photo, I credit the image usually at the bottom of the post, but sometimes 
just underneath the photo. If you're Mike Linksvayer and are, therefore, 
super crafty, you might do a slick overlay for image credit like at the 
top of

Others sometimes do things differently, so I thought I'd share my personal 
style guide. You don't have to consider this an official OpenHatch blog 
style guide, since there's not quite consensus on it, but maybe we can 
reach consensus and it would be.

(As a side note, we seem to have experienced some data loss on AKA per . I'm talking with 
Mozilla people on IRC (#it on but it doesn't seem super 
likely we'll get the data back at the moment. I feel particularly bad 
having asked Shauna to try it and then leading our data together into an 

-- Asheesh.

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