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[OSCTC-planning] schools to contact for this fall

Shauna Gordon-McKeon shaunagm at
Fri Jul 11 22:23:18 UTC 2014

Status update: I contacted 22 schools today.  11 schools that we've run
events at before, and 11 schools that I rated most likely to run an event.
 I will see how things stand next week and contact additional schools
(contacts rated less likely to run events, and new schools such as
community colleges and women's colleges) as needed.

On Tue, Jul 8, 2014 at 4:38 PM, Shauna Gordon-McKeon <shaunagm at>

> I'm getting ready to contact/re-contact schools re: running events this
> fall, and in the spirit of transparency I thought I'd share my planning
> process.
> Our goal is to run 15 events this fall, ideally 5 on each of the three
> weekends we've selected.  My experience last semester was that for every 2
> schools I contacted, 1 ended up running an event.  This suggests we should
> contact 30 schools.
> From my big list of schools I've identified:
> 17 schools we've been in active conversation with recently.  Of these, I
> judge 9 as likely and 8 as unlikely.
> 10 schools that have run past events that might want to run an event this
> semester.
> 15 additional schools we've been in contact with further in the past or
> less formally.
> This is already 42 schools, or more than the 30 we're aiming for.
> Additionally, I would like to do some more targeted diversity outreach.
> Specifically, I'd like to do more events at women-only schools, community
> colleges, and schools that serve primarily under-represented populations.
>  I have friends who are faculty at two schools (Bunker Hill Community
> College and CUNY Baruch) who I want to follow up with, at least, but I
> would like to do more.
> I am tempted to go ahead and contact all of them.  It's possible that the
> more restricted schedule means that we'll get a lower % of contacted
> schools running events. But perhaps this is a terrible plan?  If we somehow
> got 30 schools wanting to run an event that would be pretty overwhelming.
> Thoughts?  Advice?  Suggestions for schools to contact on the diversity
> outreach front?
> ~ Shauna
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