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[Events] Advocating Python | My first event

Shaifali Agrawal agrawalshaifali09 at
Sat May 10 09:52:49 UTC 2014

Hello everyone

I am a graduate student, am planning an event(Python Summer Camp) for my
college students. Expected audience are my juniors who have knowledge of C,
C++, Java and now I want the to get familiar with Python. They all being in
Computer Science field science past 2-3 years have enough experience and
capability to learn Python themselves, there is nothing to learn in Python
I think its super easy just get start any tutorial, Python standard library
and many more to get help. Even after all this very few of them are able to
complete college projects(usually small projects). what problem many of
them faced is lack of guidance and help as per they told me. So my aim of
this event is to let them develop a complete a web application using Django.

So very first I will be needed to realize them power of Python as they will
compare Python with all other different languages power languages include
Ruby, Perl, php and all above mentioned. For me Python is best because of
its simplicity, exquisite library support and strong community is a big
plus. I have gathered few material from google like:

but it be better if you people can suggest me more.

Also suggest me how should I start after explaining all setup requirements.
If this would be a Java, C or C++ class I should have started with
datatypes here also I should do the same or something else would me better?

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