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[Events] Gearing up for WMF Hackathon exit survey

Asheesh Laroia lists at
Thu Jul 26 05:17:10 UTC 2012

Excerpts from Nick Gwynne's message of Wed Jul 25 13:54:20 -0400 2012:
> Inline responses get bloated after a while, so I'm going to just respond up
> here.
> Definitely put name and email address at the end, as well as age. There are
> actually independent reasons to ask for identifying information last (as
> long as they are optional).
> OS people used is good, including version (in case people don't think to
> naturally include that). I'd probably make this two separate questions, for
> ease of analysis. Additionally, I looked at it and I think that splitting
> the wiki contributing and open source questions into two each would be a
> good idea. For the OpenHatch question, why specify that it was when the
> friend had heard about it? Why not say "How likely would you be to
> recommend that someone go to an OpenHatch event, if it were occurring near
> them?" General survey notes: If you give prompts, it will heavily bias
> people. Make sure you cover all the relevant things, unless you are okay
> with getting a weirdly biased sample (ie: "Oh, people really liked to *editing
> a wiki, writing to a mailing list, commenting on bug reports, submitting a
> patch, reviewing others' code*, that's weird...")
> More potential questions:
>    - Initial level of participation:
>       - Have you ever done wiki editing before?
>       - Have you ever contributed to an Open Source project before?
>    - Follow up to "what was your favorite part?" would be "Which of these
>    did you not even know about?", a checklist item.
>    - While firsts are good, I think asking additional questions about what
>    they did at the hackathon would be useful: "What was the main thing you did
>    at the hackathon?"
> Hope this is helpful, and let me know if I can assist in any other way (or
> with more questions/feedback).

Thank you for these thoughts!

I've tried to diguest your and Kevin's thoughts, and I updated .

I think I'll work on sending it out the way it is now, after putting it
into Qualtrics.

I appreciate all the input!

-- Asheesh.

P.S. Kevin, there seems to be some problem with your email client and the
threading of messages. Is that something you can look into? It would make
reading the replies a little easier. (I can try to help you diagnose the
problem if that is helpful!)

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