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[Events] OpenHatch student immersion: starting up again

Jessica McKellar jessica.mckellar at
Thu Aug 4 13:49:29 UTC 2011

Hi Asheesh,

> I'm aiming to organize a few more workshops like the fairly-successful one
> at Penn last year. They are hands-on workshops and contribution events that
> teach students how to participate in the global free software ecosystem. The
> structure we did at Penn was one day of learning, one day of projects
> (hacking).

I'm a huge fan of this and am excited to see the program start back up.

> I want to run a few of these over the course of the next year. If other
> people run other such events (with or without using the materials I'm
> planning to publish), and they're in line with the same goals, I'd love to
> hear about them on this list, too.

I'm on the fall schedule (dates TBD by the organizers) for 2 talks
through SIPB, MIT's computing club:

- One is an introduction to the tools of open source development
- The other is a hands-on introduction to the internet and networking

These are not quite the same as your Penn structure, as SIPB term-time
events are traditionally single-evening and I'd save getting people
contributing to an open source project for a follow-up event. But they
are at a university, hands-on, about core concepts that are broadly
useful in computing and open source, and are attentive to reaching a
diverse audience, so I wanted to mention them. If anyone's interested
in hearing more about either of these events or their curricula, let
me know!

> If you want to help, I'd love:
> * Help reaching sponsors.
> * Suggestions for schools to reach out to, and/or contacts there.
> * Review of the website that explains the event (when it is ready).

I'm up for all of these things. My strongest connections are with MIT,
Harvard, and BU.


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