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[OH-Dev] Let's link important things from the homepage

Britta Gustafson brittag at
Sat Jan 4 19:13:36 UTC 2014

The In-Person Event Handbook ( is a wonderful
resource that we want other people to learn about and use, but right now
it's hard to find when looking at .

Let's fix that! What's the right place to link it prominently? One option
that I can think of is putting a big sentence in the header here: - that seems easy. But it would still be a
little hidden.

A more ambitious project would be to rearrange the homepage to feature Open
Source Comes to Campus more prominently - to invite all OpenHatch visitors
to click a big "learn about OSCTC" link. I like that idea because OSCTC is
somewhat buried from the homepage too, which doesn't quite reflect its
importance as part of OpenHatch.

And in the process of that rearranging, we could find a better place for
the event handbook link. :)

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