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[Campus-princeton-staff] Post-workshop items (organizers please read)

Katherine Ye kye at
Sat Nov 30 07:18:02 UTC 2013

Hi everyone,

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! Thanks so much for coming together and
making the workshop happen with us. I believe we also had at least 4 pull
requests submitted to OSS projects. :-)

This week, let's move forward with follow-up items, including
reimbursements, the event write-up, pictures, publicity, and our long-term
initiative. Lisha and I have started a list of action items for each
organizer: Feel free to add and reorganize tasks, and
note the list of future things below.

Shauna, Asheesh, and Lisha: let's chat sometime this week? Monday night or
Wednesday works best for me.

Lisha, Valerie, Dorothy, Evelyn: Have you guys started setting up OpenMRS?
I've talked with Nicole, and she says that ThoughtWorks is working on a
smoother setup process, but they'd really like to see more students working
on the setup.

Annie and Evelyn: I think Evelyn has the reimbursement forms, so could you
guys email PWiCS (Katherine Pogrebniak is the treasurer) about this and the
Jane Street funds?

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