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[Campus-princeton-staff] Preparing Dreamwidth for Princeton Open Source Comes to Campus event

Asheesh Laroia lists at
Sun Nov 24 05:34:35 UTC 2013

Hi MissKat,

I wanted to introduce you to the 
web page, and explain how students will be using it on Sun Nov 24 (today).

About the page: The point is that students at the event will be using it 
to choose with projects to work on.

About the "tasks" I picked: These are bugs that seem not to require 
running the Dreamwidth code. A related question, though -- how long does 
it take to get a Dreamhack set up, in case someone wants to dive into a 
more code-y bug?

What you have to do:

* Provide a 1-4 sentence "Description" of the project (if you don't write 
something by 1:30 Eastern, I will, but I'd much prefer you write this)

* Show up on IRC ( #dreamwidth-dev and preferably also #openhatch )  to 
greet people, starting at 2 PM to sync up with me/organizers, and 2:15 PM 
which is when projects time actually begins.

* Mega bonus points: Write a little more about what steps someone would 
follow to solve each of those bugs, either on the Bugzilla ticket, or on 
this wiki page.

That link again:

Let me know if you run into any surprises etc.

Thank you so much for volunteering for this, MissKat!

-- Asheesh.

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