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[Campus-princeton-staff] For mentors (please read): leading Git practice and career panel

Lisha Ruan lruan at
Sat Nov 23 20:50:13 UTC 2013

Hi mentors,

We still need more people to lead groups during Git practice! If you can
lead a group, please tell me your GitHub handle. You can see what the
students will be doing
there are tips for leading a group
We really appreciate it.

Sumana, you'll use the organization princeton-1. Thanks for joining our
career panel. We don't have a planned advanced lesson, so it'll involve
answering questions and showing them how to do something cool that they
don't know, like merging or editing .gitconfig/.gitignore files. Our
advanced students have used Git before, but probably won't be experts.

Katerina, you'll use the organization princeton-2, and thanks for joining
our career panel!

Alex, you'll use the organization princeton-3. It's all right that you
can't be on the career panel, thanks for letting us know!


On Sat, Nov 23, 2013 at 2:25 AM, Katerina Barone-Adesi
<katerinab at>wrote:

> I'm kbara on github. I rebase quite a lot, though I haven't used all the
> features Sumana has (I used darcs for years, and have only switched to git
> this year). I've been paid to work (part-time, remotely) on openbsc.
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