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[OH-Publicity] PyCon sticker printing

Karen Rustad karen.rustad at
Thu Feb 28 03:31:34 UTC 2013

Hello board + publicity folks,

After a few requests from various individuals for OpenHatch stickers (for
laptops and the like), I started looking into making vinyl die-cut stickers
with Sufjan the penguin on them. I asked Jesse Noller if it would be
possible for us to include an OpenHatch sticker in the PyCon swag bags, and
he said yes! It looks like it will cost somewhere between $300-$400 to
print enough stickers for PyCon (plus ~500 extras), depending on the vendor
and the exact size of the sticker. (The attached draft is about 2"x2.4" --
$355 + shipping from

The question is: do you/we think this is a worthwhile use of funds? If so,
either me or Asheesh can place the order.

What do you think?

-- Karen
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