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[OH-Publicity] SCALE planning

Asheesh Laroia asheesh at
Wed Feb 20 20:07:24 UTC 2013

Hey all,

Deb Nicholson and I chatted a few days ago about how to make the best 
use of SCALE, since I sadly won't be going due to personal reasons, and 
also because in general it's good to have one's goals clearly 

OpenHatchy goals at SCALE

There will be a bunch of people who care about mentorship at the 
mentorship track at SCALE. It'd be great to help them be more aware of 
things like Open Source Comes to Campus and the training missions.

We can inform them right there and then through flyers, and we can aim 
to get them to join our announce list so they stay tuned to future 


Deb and I were thinking it'd be great to hand out flyers about the 
project, perhaps also seeing if LinuxChix wanted to hand some out at 
their booth.

Next step: We should design some flyers!

The publicity team seems to have an empty git repo here:

I'll add some past flyers to it, but if someone else (e.g. Karen) wants 
to design fresh ones, I would not object at all!

I was thinking we'd be sure to talk about the following things:

* Open Source Comes to Campus, for Women in Computing

* Web-based list of bitesize bugs in open source

* Training missions

* Community of people who run and discuss outreach events in open source 
and programming groups


I'd like to see at least 5 new followers on Facebook or the Announce 
list come from the flyering effort.

We can handle logistics pretty easily by sending the PDF of the flyer to 
a copy shop near the conference and asking them to cut the flyers into 
1/4 page sizes. Deb strongly suggested the use of cardstock so people's 
flyers don't get lost, which I agree with.

Other thoughts

We should get more OpenHatchy articles on Perhaps it'd 
be smart to set a goal of (say) 5 articles per year.

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