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[OH-Publicity] Items for December newsletter

Deb Nicholson deb at
Sat Dec 8 18:38:24 UTC 2012

My two cents on color is that if we're going with a monochrome design
a nice rich color is advantageous. Perhaps the "Galaxy" blue on the AA
page would split the difference between folks who like colors and
folks who detest overly cheery colors. Consider it a winter version of
the springier blue.

>>> I'm working on a new OpenHatch t-shirt for donors, so we will probably
>>> want to include that in this update!
>>> The tricky part right now is choosing a t-shirt color--I was thinking
>>> we'd want something other than blue to differentiate this shirt from the
>>> previous one, but 1.) finding available shirt colors close to either the OH
>>> green or the OH orange has been tricky and 2.) Asheesh's feedback was that
>>> he wasn't particularly fond of either color as a shirt anyway.
>> I finished editing the draft:
>> It doesn't mention the shirt yet, but we could add it if finish picking
>> soon!
>> As for the color... I think I'd go with the charcoal option: Design
>> . Swatch for the color:
>> (search for
>> "charcoal"). But I find color choices tiring.
>> But we don't necessarily have to make that a show-stopper for this update;
>> we could just do a separate T-shirt note right after the December
>> newsletter. I guess it does mean that it wouldn't, by default, go out to
>> "announce", but we could decide to send a separate fundraising request to
>> the "announce" list in a week, say.
>> My vote would be, ship the December newsletter by mid-Saturday at the
>> latest, and if T-shirt stuff is decided by then, then great; otherwise, get
>> a handle on T-shirt stuff after the newsletter post goes out.
> Mike and Karen ACK'd this plan on IRC, so we'll go with it.
> Public preview link for blog post:
> I've proofread it (and fixed some spelling and readability problems), but
> I'd always appreciate another pair of eyes. I'll hit submit in an hour or
> two! (Then I presume Mike will send it out to the Announce list.)
> -- Asheesh.
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