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[OH-Publicity] Talks for SCALE

Mark Holmquist mtraceur at
Wed Dec 5 16:15:06 UTC 2012

> I have minor title suggestions, if you're interested. If not, please
> excuse the suggestions!

I tried to take them all with grains of salt, but wound up using all of 
them verbatim instead :) thanks!

> I'm super excited about "Free Gaming on GNU/Linux" -- this is a
> perennial discussion topic, and it'd be great to see a solid talk that
> showed people the state of things now.

I agree! I'm hopeful that I'll put on a good show about it, too. I may 
not be the most qualified person to talk about it, but we don't see that 
sort of person out of his man-cave much :)

> I think these would all be awesome.

Good to hear! I hope I can give them to you and others rather soon.

You see, OH-publicity, he's telling the truth, he does want to help you 
get talks accepted! :)

Mark Holmquist
Software Engineer, Wikimedia Foundation
mtraceur at
* Sent from Debian GNU/Linux *

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