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[OSCTC-planning] alternative event framework

Shauna Gordon-McKeon shaunagm at
Mon Sep 29 20:44:28 UTC 2014

Below is an excerpt from a discussion with Britta on #openhatch.  I'm
interesting in hearing peoples' thoughts!

"There's a lot of tension between trying to make events easier for local
organizers to run and trying to create flexible events that allow multiple
approaches for multiple learners. I wonder if there's a way of reimagining
the event framework to resolve this tension, or whether it's an inherent

So my housemates Katie and Will run a summer camp and unschooling center (<>).  Their approach is to encourage both
counselors and kids to come up with project ideas that they find inherently
worthwhile and exciting. The first time I went, I was disappointed that
only a few kids wanted to try my project, but I eventually adapted.  Katie
and Will focus on teaching counselors and kids how to operate in such a
space: how to ask for help, how to think through obstacles, and on
expectations-setting for the space.

If we were to run the "Parts and Crafts" version of OSCTC, we would get
mentors who were enthusiastic about teaching specific things,
expectations-set with them about the approach and give them general
teaching/mentoring guidance, and let students choose what they want to work
on. Letting students go from group to group as they were satisfied that
they knew all they wanted to about X or Y or Z. "Oh, you're not familiar
with git?  Neither am I, but Jane over at the table by the door is teaching
folks how to use it."

This structure is probably worth trying for a single event, experimentally!
Maybe I'll try to set aside some time for a Boston-area event with this
structure that I could personally attend and run."
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