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[OSCTC-planning] mentorship and other ways to follow up with Open Source Comes to Campus attendees

Shauna Gordon-McKeon shaunagm at
Tue Jul 22 17:34:47 UTC 2014

Hmmm.  We could write a guide or blog post about this.  Perhaps invite
contributions/suggestions from people who've done online mentoring about
what to look for?  I imagine people who do OPW and GSoC would have a lot to
say about this.

On Mon, Jul 21, 2014 at 11:33 AM, sheila miguez <shekay at> wrote:

> On Mon, Jul 21, 2014 at 10:19 AM, Shauna Gordon-McKeon <shaunagm at
> > wrote:
>> I think it probably depends on the mentee - there are certainly
>> introverted people who'd prefer a calmer, quieter approach than I'd
>> instinctively provide them - but yes, I think *generally* speaking the
>> ability to be outgoing and actively engaged, is important.  Is it more
>> important than other abilities, such as empathy, creativity, and the
>> ability to explain things well?  I'm not sure.
>> I also think you're right to differentiate online and in person mentoring
>> on this dimension.  I think more quiet, passive mentors might be able to
>> push themselves to interact and ask questions via online mediums in a way
>> that's hard to in person.  One can also introduce easier-to-evaluate
>> metrics that way, by asking a mentor, "How many email threads have you
>> initiated?" "How many questions has your mentee asked you?" "What kinds of
>> questions does your mentee tend to ask?" etc.  There's more opportunity for
>> reflection because you have the record of communication.
> I'd definitely love to learn more about this. I find it much easier to
> talk to people online, and can help in that manner, but that is not to say
> that I don't want to get better at in-person interactions.
> If people know resources for building up that skill for people who may be
> shy or have confidence issues (like myself), please share.
> One thing I've been trying is watching how other people do this. I don't
> often get a chance to do this since I'll end up helping instead of
> watching. This means I am not sure how effective watching other mentors is.
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