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[OSCTC-planning] OSCTC meeting report 7/15/2014

Shauna Gordon-McKeon shaunagm at
Tue Jul 15 20:20:58 UTC 2014

Asheesh and I meet approximately weekly to talk though Open Source Comes to
Campus planning.  As an organizational tool for ourselves, and as a way to
increase transparency, we're going to start sending a summary to
osctc-planning.  Feel free to read and respond, or completely ignore!  :)

1)  Fall Event Scheduling

Status Update:  We've been in contact with 24 schools.  Of these, I'd
classify 11 as likely, and 13 as possible.  If 75% of likely schools run an
event, and 50% of possible schools run an event, that's 14 events total,
near our goal of 15.

    - September and October seem to be widely preferred over November dates.
    - We have 21 additional schools we've been in contact with before who
we haven't pinged specifically regarding fall planning.
    - We have yet do any outreach to schools that represent
under-represented populations.

    - Prioritize under-represented populations.  (See diversity outreach,
item #3.)
    - For remaining 21 schools, offer only November (if there are spots in
November only, of course) or re-ping and ask them re: the spring.

2)  Grace Hopper Open Source Day

I'll be presenting at Grace Hopper OSD this year.  In addition to
presenting an introductory workshop, we discussed other ways we can help
improve the OSD experience for everyone.

Suggestions include:
     - After getting a less intimidating v 2.0 of the In Person Event
Handbook <> up, email it to all participating
projects along with an invitation to approach the OpenHatch community for
help achieving those goals.
     - Create a mailing list for OSD projects to join and share planning
     - Specifically suggest that OSD projects do setup sprints either
before or at OSD.
     - re: getting list of projects, we can either ask OSD organizers for
this list or approach projects once they're on the wiki (which may not be
until close to the event.)
We plan to keep mulling over options and decide an approach next week.

3)  Diversity Outreach

We talked over what our specific goals are to ensure we're reaching diverse
populations of newcomers.  I suggested the following methods/metrics, and
would welcome feedback on them:

A)  For all OSCTC events, we identify any groups that are focused on
diversity in STEM education and invite them to participate in organizing.

B)  For all OSCTC events, we identify avenues for reaching a diverse
population of potential attendees and make sure they get our publicity.

C)  For all OSCTC events, we'll measure diversity of attendance and compare
it to the population of the CS department.  Our goal is to achieve 150%
better representation at our events.  Less than 100% (i.e. worse
representation than the CS department) will be considered an active failure
on our parts.

To aid in the above, we'll create (or adopt) a document describing our
process for this, which can be critiqued and shared.  In this document
we'll define diversity, which will be expansive (not simply gender

D)  Additionally, we will have a goal number of events to run at schools
that are majority under-represented group, for instance women's colleges,
community colleges, schools with majority black or latino populations,
schools with non-traditional students, etc.

For Fall 2014 I tentatively suggest a goal of 5 events at schools that meet
these requirements.  That represents 1/3rd of our fall events.  I hope to
increase this percentage in future semesters.

That's all!

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