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[OSCTC-planning] OSCTC Code of Conduct (related to: "Establishing the Code for America Anti-Harassment Policy")

Asheesh Laroia asheesh at
Mon Jul 14 16:08:01 UTC 2014

I'm super pleased that we have a Code of Conduct here:

I've also been really pleased by our IRC channel code of conduct:

I recently saw a conversation on the Code for America email lists (<!topic/brigade-organizers/vhKjBG8ETcM>)
about their Codes of Conduct for in-person events, and it made me think
about ours at OpenHatch.

At the event I recently volunteered at <>, I
don't remember talking about the Code of Conduct, so I wonder if we can do
more to make sure attendees know about it, and that organizers are on board
with it. Perhaps this is as simple as adding a sentence about it in our
emails to event organizers, and making sure that when their event pages go
live, they link to the Code of Conduct.

(I know Shauna is super busy with event planning, so I'm unexcited about
adding more work to her plate. I'm very interested in finding efficient
ways to make sure we get this right. I'm also on board to volunteer to take
actions like having a 30 minute video chat/discussion about the code of
conduct with prospective organizers, if that's something we conclude we
want to do.)

Also, I like our Code of Conduct for OSCTC at . I
was also pleased by Stumptown Syndicate's text at which I re-learned about in the thread.

Another link to the Code for America thread:!topic/brigade-organizers/vhKjBG8ETcM


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