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[Events] Python Summer Camp

Shaifali Agrawal agrawalshaifali09 at
Sat May 17 09:34:14 UTC 2014

I am organizing an event "Python Summer Camp" for undergraduate students
all those who are interested can join for any role(audience or TA).

Indore, M.P.

Dates are not final yet, but they will be around 22 to 27 May.

I want to know do I need to fill some form or like so to get my event
affiliated from OpenHatch. I have read which only says to join this
mailing list.

Following topics will be covered:

Day 1:

* Why Python

* Installation, setup instructions

* data structures

   - numbers
   - string
   - list
   - tuples
   - dictionary

* conditional statements

* basic operators

* loops

* functions

* modules

Day 2:

* List comprehensions

* Abstraction

* string, list methods

* list sharing and copying

* Inheritance

   -  classes
   -  constructor
   -  methods overloading, overriding
   - class and instance variables
   -  Interfaces

Day 3:

* Polymorphism

* Exception Handling

* Regular Expression

* covering few more keywords of Python

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