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[Events] "Learning from our mistakes"

Larissa Shapiro larissas at
Fri Feb 15 17:26:20 UTC 2013

And truly, expectation management... is for any event, and, for life, really.

Thank you for a good read!

On Feb 15, 2013, at 9:24, Lukas Blakk <lukasblakk at> wrote:

> Interesting.  Reminded me of when I tried (rather unsuccessfully) to get a wikipedia editing workshop going. It didn't really spark the kind of participation I might have hoped for and I, too, was not aware of so many of the intricacies of Wikipedia culture on the back end.  I blogged about that experience here:
> I've never found time since then to return to that idea, sadly, and went back to my comfort zone of teaching programming and web hacking.
> -Lukas
> On Feb 15, 2013, at 9:10 AM, Sumana Harihareswara <sumanah at> wrote:
>> "This is the reason to why I will dedicate this blogpost not to success,
>> but to failure, or mistakes, call it what you will. But this is what has
>> not really worked and what mistakes we have done here in Sweden."
>> They've learned some lessons about how to do outreach workshops.  One of
>> them: expectation management.
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