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[Events] bringing your own wireless

Tim McNamara paperless at
Sun Oct 7 08:33:23 UTC 2012

What we tried in NZ worked really well... iPython Notebook, a decent
laptop/server plus an access point. Eliminated the need to have
connectivity and also meant that people didn't need to install Python and
could save their work during the workshop.

On Oct 7, 2012 5:11 AM, "Catherine Devlin" <catherine.devlin at>
> Hi, everybody,
> I'm looking for a good location for the Dayton Python Workshop, and
> there's a spot that's ideal in almost every way except for one glaring
> failure: I can't trust its wireless.  In fact, I have been hideously
> betrayed by its wireless once before - while I was teaching a Python
> introduction - leaving 3/4 of the class unable to participate in what
> was supposed to be a hands-on workshop and forcing me to improvise a
> traditional eyes-forward lecture instead.  I still have nightmares.
> So does anybody know if there's a way to essentially bring in just
> enough internet to do the workshop?  I'm unfortunately not an
> experienced network person and don't even know the right jargon to ask
> the question in, but could I host a CodingBat server on my own machine
> and let attendees connect directly to it there, whether the wider
> internet is available or not?
> I've also wondered whether an IPython Notebook could be created that
> could duplicate what CodingBat does.  That, then, could be distributed
> by USB along with the Python installer, etc.
> If it's a lot of work, I could go to other locations, but I really
> like this one (a large community college) because, unlike most tech
> sites around Dayton, it's not buried deep in the whites-only suburbs;
> also, the CIS department chair has always been enthusiastic to get
> involved with everything I suggest.  I'm frankly afraid to tell her
> about the workshop if we don't end up running it there, because she'll
> be so disappointed.  :)
> Incidentally, have we ever developed an easy way to clone a workshop's
> wiki pages and get all the internal links changed accordingly?  In
> Indianapolis, I missed a bunch of links, so attendees sometimes
> accidentally wandered from the Indianapolis pages to Boston.  If we're
> still doing it by hand, maybe I can figure out a way to script it...
> Thanks!
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> - Catherine
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