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[OH-Dev] Choosing preferable interface for Openhatch missions

Tarashish Mishra sunu0000 at
Mon Jul 29 19:20:52 UTC 2013

Hello guys!

I'm working on implementing the openhatch training missions in Oppia ( as part of my GSoC project. Oppia is a tool for
creating interactive educational content which can be easily edited by a
web based interface.

For more information on my project, please go through my GSoC updates at and my GSoC project proposal at

The current Oppia interface is somewhat different from the interface that
OH missions have now. The Oppia interface gives you more of a continuous
interactive flow whereas the current OH missions interface is has a
step-by-step flow.

I have implemented the windows-setup mission in Oppia at and the original OH windows-setup mission is
at . I would like to know if
it is preferable to continue with the step by step interface we have now or
the continuous interface of Oppia is more preferable.

And also it will be awesome and very useful if you can play around with the
new interface of oppia and give some general feedback here after using the

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