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[OH-Dev] [issue876] Newly-added GitHub bugs not showing up where expected

brittag bugs at
Fri Aug 23 04:38:00 UTC 2013

New submission from brittag <brittag at>:

morgajel added a bugtracker to his project ( a couple 
days ago, but it still says "No volunteer opportunities in CityGenerator indexed here yet. Add a bug 
tracker." This page also doesn't list CityGenerator:

But it looks like he added and configured it correctly: - it does have bugs labeled "Bite-
Sized" for example:

And it looks like this also happened for the MCServer project added a few days ago: says "No volunteer opportunities", but it's also listed in (when you select "GitHub" and scroll to the bottom of the list).

(If I look at other projects from that GitHub list, some of them do have indexed bugs, like - updated 11 hours ago.)

keyword: bugimporters
messages: 3821
nosy: brittag, morgajel, paulproteus
priority: bug
status: unread
title: Newly-added GitHub bugs not showing up where expected

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