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[OH-Dev] UX Team for OpenHatch

Asheesh Laroia asheesh at
Fri Aug 2 21:54:58 UTC 2013

(I'm moving a conversation to devel@ that started out in some private 

I was recently remembering fondly how, at PyCon sprints, how at the PyCon 
Sprints in 2013, Heather and Flora put in a lot of effort to understand 
how to use the site, and identified a whole lot of places where the flows 
between pages can be improved.

I got some enthusiasm from Heather and Flora for kick-starting a user 
experience effort for the site. After watching a friend use the site, it 
is clear I am so blind to the site's many sharp edges, and I would love 
for things to be better!

I think we agreed the simplest thing is to have people write up a few 
different use cases for what people do with the site -- for example, add a 
project to their profile -- and the current click path. Optionally, also 
provide the click path you think people *should* go through. This is often 
called user testing, and often done by people who declare themselves as 
"user experience" people. ('There should be an "Edit projects" 
button on one's own profile page'), recently fixed by Susan Tan, is a 
great example of a UX bug of the kind I'm thinking of. I filed it after 
watching someone click around the site and have a harder time than needed.

Perhaps it makes sense to form an ad-hoc "UX team", of people who 
self-identify as caring about the UX, and have them write up a few of 
these click paths and submit them to the list. Heather and Flora, I'll 
leave this in your hands for now, but I might send you a ping in a week or 
something. (-: (And I presume it's OK with you if others stand up and say, 
"Yes, I care about the OpenHatch site's user experience" and then start 
emailing Devel and/or filing bugs.)

(And if you need any other input from me, say so! Oh and IRC is usually an 
even better way to reach me, but I also expect the Devel list to work!)

-- Asheesh.

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