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[OH-Dev] Revised September release goals

Asheesh Laroia asheesh at
Mon Sep 12 21:04:16 UTC 2011

Hey all,

I'm proposing some new, slightly more aggressive release goals for the 
site during September. I think it's important to make the site more usable 
(closer to complete, in terms of features) before we/I start feeling like 
all my time is going toward organizing events.

With that said, here are my proposed release goals for September. They 
live at . I'm also copy-pasting them 

I actually think we get done even more than this in the 18 days we have 
left in September. If people like this version of the release goals, 
within one day, I'll make sure each of these has a corresponding bug in 
the tracker.

-- Asheesh.

==Theme: Toward feature completeness ==

The OpenHatch site has a lot of functionality. But the pieces are not all 
tied together coherently. Let's change that this month.

Here's the break-down, per section of the site, of what we can get done 
for that in September. See for 
more discussion of what "feature-complete" might mean.

=== ===

* Event site supports time zones
* Events are integrated into front page of main website
* Front page of the site links to the event policy

=== Volunteer opportunity finder ===

* Bug importing actually, reliably, works. Goal: Fewer than 10% of bugs 
are stale (>3 days).
** The problem here seems to be that some bug trackers suffer from really 
high latencies, or maybe just drop packets entirely and we don't time out 
in a reasonable way.
* You can add bug trackers to our import entirely from the web UI.
** The big obstacle here is that the we haven't decided the UI for it. 
Next step: Asheesh can come up with a coherent, implementable mockup.
* When you click on "Mentors (149)", we should visually break that number 
down so that people understand how we calculated it.
** Suggestion by Michael Stone: Use an infographic. Instead of a number, 
we can show two visual indicators: one for language, one for project. Can 
be e.g. signal bars, or "Lots" "a few" "some": <a 
href="/people/?q=can_mentor%3A%22C%2B%2B%22">Mentors [<span 
style="background: #FF6D3D;">:::</span>] [<span style="background: 

=== Project pages ===

* People who've clicked "I want to help" can be managed by project 
managers. There is already a good mockup of this in
** Note: This UI requires that you log in. That's suboptimal. There's a 
bug about making this work for non-logged-in users.
* Projects can mark some training missions as particularly relevant to a 
project. (I think that permissions aren't important here.)
** Can you work-around this by telling people to link the relevant 
missions in their FAQ?
* Project pages show relevant events, harvested from the events calendar
** Showing timely events on the front and +me pages is probably an 
adequate substitute.

=== Training missions ===

* Training missions are organized into meaningful categories. One 
suggested grouping: by which curriculum module they might be used in, 
during an in-person teaching event
* All current training missions have no open bugs.
** Instead: all bugs have stated work-arounds.

=== Monitoring ===
* We know which pages load slowly, and we publicly graph this

== Also, some events ==

* Make Boston Software Freedom Day happen

== Also, publicity ==

* Goal: 10 projects link to the training missions from their documentation
** (We already have two: mediagoblin and WordPress. We just need eight 
** I would settle for, "Four projects tell us ''why'' they do not link to 
the training missions from their 'Get involved' page."

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