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[Devel] A weekly meet-up, mediated through Internet Relay Chat: 4 PM US/Eastern, Sat May 7

Asheesh Laroia asheesh at
Fri May 6 22:21:28 UTC 2011

Howdy all,

This Saturday, we have our usual weekly meeting.

WHAT: Discuss the week's work, and check in with each other. If you have 
been working on something and are stuck, this meeting is a good time to 
request help from the group.

WHERE: #openhatch on

WHEN: 4 PM US/Eastern (convert to your time zone here: 

This is the first weekly meeting of the milestone, so now is a good time 
to be thinking of what we want in the milestone. I was quite impresed by 
the 0.11.04 milestone and how very much great stuff we jammed in, due (I 
think) to a rush of new contributors and a good degree of clarity of the 
goals of the release.

Here are my thoughts for what to work on during this release:

* Two more missions (maybe the bash one that palhmbs has been working 
on... and what other one?)

* Clean-ups to the mission infrastructure

* Finishing the UI for adding bug trackers via the web (I was supposed to 
tackle this last release... oops)

* Other stuff that you and I and the rest of us all will discuss during 
the meeting

* An interface for letting project contributors add events that are 
related to the OpenHatch goals, and then showing them to people. (Based on 
the popularity of 

* Maybe I should fix that tragically slow /people/ map during this 

* Finishing touches on making the landing page be different, if you're 
logged in, by fleshing out the interface for what appears under the 
'project maintanier' tab.

* Maaaybe putting together!

Let's not get too absurdly ambitious... but let's get 2/3 of the way 

-- Asheesh.

Zounds!  I was never so bethumped with words
since I first called my brother's father dad.
 		-- William Shakespeare, "Kind John"

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