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[Devel] potential project co-operation

Daniel Waterworth da.waterworth at
Tue Jul 6 07:17:00 UTC 2010

> Submitting ideas toward open source projects sounds like an external
> feature-requests-only bug tracker.
> Is that right?

Yes, in a sense. The difference is that it isn't focused around one
project. You can submit ideas towards many projects.

> You're welcome to add OpenHatch as one of the projects people can submit
> ideas for!

The difficultly with this is that bugs/feature requests for one
project would be in 2 different places, (in the project specific
tracker and in the this new tracker) which from a usability stand
point is less than ideal.

A better idea would be to incorporate the ideas into the existing
projects, but to have the option of filtering them out. Although this
would probably incur a db schema change of some sort. Does this sound

> As for automatically submitting bugs... is it possible that you can have
> people create accounts on (even if automatically)
> so that they're participants in our bug tracker? It'd be a drag for OpenHatch
> people to leave a comment on the bug, only for the real bug *filer* never
> to see it.

The trouble with this may be username clashes. Could a system be setup
where, if a user tries to login (to either site) then, first it is
first tested against the local users then against the remote users
(via an encrypted channel) and if a remote user is found then they are
made local? Some form of comment mirroring may also be helpful. How
does this work with other trackers?

Do you have a development/beta site where bugs can be ironed out
before going live?

It seems like there are a few hurdles, but I hope we can find an
arrangement that suits both of our needs.

> I'm moving this conversation to devel at That list is publicly
> archived -- hope that's okay!

No problem,



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