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[Campus-princeton-staff] NYC-area OpenHatch events

Katherine Ye kye at
Wed Sep 10 06:02:47 UTC 2014

Hi Jennie,

Thanks for the detailed info! Lisha and I run Open Source at Princeton,
which organizes the OpenHatch workshop as well as other initiatives,
including helping students contribute to OpenMRS and join Facebook Open
Academy. (When you work on this kind of stuff, you see the word "open" a
lot. :)) I've personally admired Mozilla Research's work with Rust for a

We're planning to hold an OpenHatch workshop at Princeton on Sunday,
November 16, so we have about 2 months to plan. We're most in need of
mentors for the event, but funding for food and a career panel would be
appreciated as well. We can survey attendees about a trip to Mozilla and
plan it afterward if there's demand.

I'm also a fan of NYPL Digital, especially their work with maps, so that's
great to hear!


2014-09-08 17:54 GMT-04:00 Jennie Rose Halperin <jhalperin at>:

> hey all!
> Super psyched to make this connection! I can't wait to see what you all
> cook up!
> Here's the project plan on our side...
> I would generally love to have 3 weeks lead time so I have enough time to
> look for mentors and projects as well as get the budget request in.
> We can provide some funding for food, mentors either remote or in person,
> a career panel, and a tour of our offices if you feel like coming out to
> see them!
> I also went ahead and asked the NYPL's Digital sector if they had time or
> energy to work on this with you because they are doing some wonderful and
> pretty funky stuff with open source projects, particularly in the Cultural
> Heritage sector.
> Best,
> Jennie
> Jennie Rose Halperin
> Community Building Team | Mozilla | |
> @little_wow | Join us!
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> Hi everyone,
> It's great to meet you all! I'm so looking forward to hearing more about
> what you've done in the past and and figuring out how we can make our
> events this semester even better.
> Katherine -- I'm strongly considering applying to Hacker School for the
> summer, and would love to hear more about your experience some time.
> Anyway - Unhackathon is coming up in less than two weeks now (!!) and our
> applications are still open. We're especially hoping to get the word out to
> female students <> and mentors
> <>, since our event is focusing on
> inclusiveness. If you know anyone who might be interested in attending or
> mentoring, it would be so great if you could pass that info on.
> Have a great week - thanks so much for introducing us, Shauna.
> Cheers,
> Hanne
> On 8 September 2014 16:26, Shauna Gordon-McKeon <shaunagm at>
> wrote:
> > Hi everyone!
> >
> > Before I begin, I think some introductions are in order:
> >
> > Jennie works at Mozilla and has been coordinating our efforts to bring
> > Mozilla to our Open Source Comes to Campus events.  I met her at AdaCamp
> > <>, which I highly recommend
> > to all of you.
> >
> > Hanne is a student at SUNY Stony Brook who helped organize an Open Source
> > Comes to Campus event at her school last spring, and is organizing
> another
> > one on Sunday, October 19th.  Fun trivia: she's also organizing this
> > Unhackathon <>.
> >
> > Katherine, Lisha and Diana organized our Open Source Comes to Campus
> event
> > at Princeton University last fall, and our planning to run another event,
> > probably in November.  They were the very first campus to run an event
> > without an OpenHatch person in attendance, and proved that it was totally
> > doable.
> >
> > (Katherine also went to Hacker School <>,
> > which I have not been to but hear great things about from
> > Sumana Harihareswara - who mentored at both the Princeton and Stony Brook
> > events and met Jennie at Adacamp.)
> >
> > I'm emailing you all rather than separately because I want Hanne,
> > Katherine, Lisha and Diana to know about each other, as NYC-area students
> > who are also open source community organizing superstars.  And also
> because
> > Jennie will need to have the same conversations with each of you: namely,
> > how would you like to incorporate Mozilla into your events?
> >
> > Mozilla has NYC offices so we should be able to get several mentors
> > involved.  I'm familiar with the Mozilla Science Lab, which runs out of
> > and is headed up by the inimitable Kay Thaney, who I'm hoping to convince
> > to attend one or both events.  Jennie I think has some suggestions as
> well.
> >
> > We can also talk about building ongoing relationships.  How can we help
> > interested students (including perhaps yourselves!) become ongoing
> > contributors to Mozilla?
> >
> > Looking forward to figuring this all out with you.
> >
> > ~ Shauna
> >
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