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[Campus-princeton-staff] Emailing mentors

Shauna Gordon-McKeon shaunagm at
Wed Nov 20 14:53:19 UTC 2013

Hi Katherine,

The templates for emails to mentors are in the Princeton gdocs folder, in
the "Staff" subfolder, in the doc "template emails for staff".  It's the
third email, the "Informational email".  Make sure to edit the stuff in
bold, and travel directions you'll obviously have to add yourself.

We've currently got two local OpenHatch mentors confirmed for you - Sumana,
and Jeremy.  There are ten other people we're waiting to hear back from.

That leaves us with 8 confirmed local staff and 4 confirmed remote staff.
 It seems likely we'll get 1-3 more OpenHatch mentors to send, and 2-5 more
remote mentors for the contributions time, which means you should be pretty
well staffed.

- Shauna

On Wed, Nov 20, 2013 at 5:26 AM, Katherine Ye <kye at> wrote:

> Hi Shauna,
> I'd like to email the mentors soon with more information on how to
> prepare, plus travel directions. Where can I find the template for this?
> Also, how's the status on the OpenHatch mentors? I see you've added a good
> number to the spreadsheet.
> Best,
> Katherine
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