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[Campus-morris-staff] last year's announcement

Elena Machkasova elenam at
Mon Aug 25 18:50:21 UTC 2014

Hi All,

I found this announcement in our last year's folder. We need to modify it
slightly and possibly customize it to different groups a bit, but that's
something to start working from. I will find last year's sign-up form as



On date, OpenHatch and host are hosting a day-long open source software
immersion event. We invite you to join us! You can sign up here: URL.

You don’t need to be a programmer to contribute to open source, or to
attend and enjoy our event. Most open source projects are also in need of
designers, translators, documenters, bug-finders and testers. Open source
development is a fantastic opportunity for any technologically-motivated,
liberal arts student who wants to contribute to a group project that people
will benefit from.

Open source software -- software that is shared freely and available to
build upon -- has become part of our daily lives. Popular projects like
WordPress, Firefox, OpenOffice, VLC, and Android have millions of users.
Many cities and countries are also moving towards using primarily open
source software for their technological infrastructures.

In the morning, open source contributors from various projects will teach
you about open source licensing, collaboration tools, and how free software
projects are organized. In the afternoon, they'll help you make hands-on
contributions to open source projects. And throughout the day, they'll feed
you, get to know you, and talk with you about opportunities for students in
open source.

Open source participation is one way to gain real-world skills and make
connections that will last you through your career. Volunteer staff will
include professionals and academics who use open source daily.

The event is open to all students. Learn more, and sign up, here

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