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[Campus-claremont-staff] Following up on Open Source Comes to Campus Event

Shauna Gordon-McKeon shaunagm at
Wed Jan 7 00:01:22 UTC 2015

Hello again!

OpenHatch, with your help, ran 17 events this fall!  Rather than make a
blog post for each and every one of them, I’ve compiled a summary post,
which you can view here:

Can you find your school in the list, read through the blurb, and let me
know if I should change anything?  You can also make changes directly here,
if you prefer:

If there are blog posts that got written about your event, tweets that got
tweeted, or feedback you got that you’d like to share, those can be added
to the blurb.  If you’d like to give feedback now that I can use as a
quote/in the blurb, that’s great, too.

One other thing: were there any pictures taken at your event?  If they do
exist, can you send/re-send them to me?  Thanks!

Hope you’re doing well!  I’ll be sending another email shortly to let you
know about changes in Open Source Comes to Campus and to talk about
collaborating further in 2015.

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